Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Whats up!

Been a hectic couple weeks. I have been heading out to lake Holden most days and been riding non stop with Harley Clifford, Dalllas Friday and Sam Thomson! Its been a little windy here the past few weeks but freaking HOT!

I have learn't a couple new tricks which has been awesome, and just getting my stuff sorted out to get ready to go to Masters in just under 2 weeks! Should be a fun event, The Masters event over here is very similar to our Mommba Masters except this event is 100 times bigger!

Check back in a couple weeks for some results and more info!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Up and Coming...

What's Up Guys!

Haven't really updated this lately but here's some of the stuff I got going on here in the States. 22-24th May is the 50th Masters Event, 8 riders invite only, the following weekend is the first Pro Wakeboard Tour stop, Dallas Texas.

Not to much has been going over here lately in Orlando, Just trying to ride as much as I can and stay injury free. I have been going out to the Projects wakeboard camp riding on the Sesitic Cable system there learning a bunch of new cable tricks which is so much fun!

I'lll hit you all back up with some new info soon! Peaceee!