Sunday, March 29, 2009

End of Season...

I just got home from the QWA (Queensland Wakeboard Association) end of season presentation. All the local rippers headed to Somerset Dam for the weekend and had a blast. 

This was by far QWA's best season so far! The level of riding progressed so much this season. Check out the QWA website for all the latest updates and information for the new season.

I was stoked to have won the overall QWA Tour this year, and can't wait for a bigger and better season next year! 

So thats a wrap for contests here in Aus. Couple of weeks now before I head back to the states, hopefully get some new tricks and have some down time with the family and friends before I head off. 


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Somerset Dam

So I am just about to take off for the weekend up to Somerset Dam. We have the wrap up presentation for the 2008/2009 Queensland Wakeboard Association Season. Should be a fun weekend just hanging out and riding with all of the QWA crew. Will get some new pics and video filming from the weekend. 

Happy shredding this weekend!

Monday, March 23, 2009


So I just got home from Renmark, South Australia! All week I was down there free riding and riding in the contest. Was a awesome week hanging out with everyone from all over Australia. Thanks to a good friend of mine Parker Siegle he had his brand new Malibu VLX loaded and the wake was kicking all week. 

First round of heats I rode awesome, but when it came to finals I didn't put it together like I planned. I had a couple of falls and ended up coming 4th. Everyone has there off days and I guess it was my turn to have mine. 

All good though, just finalizing all my US stuff getting ready to go back over in 3 weeks now!!!! I can't wait to get back over and do some solid riding with everyone over there! But for now its back to the river and learn some new stuff before I head off!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So the whether finally turned on for us today, all week it has been overcast, raining and crappy out. Woke up this morning sun was out and looed like a ripper of a day, sure enough it was. Just got done shredding with my little Brother Mitch and we both rode bad ass this morning! Just having a nice feed efore we head back out this afternoon and will post up a nice little video of the day tonight! Check back a it later on! PEACEEE!


Jarrod Askew

Jarrod Askew

Somerset Rail Jam

Up and coming.

I take off Monday for the Nationals down in Renmark, South Aus. It's my last contest here in Aus before I take off to go to Orlando on April 16th.

I have been riding none stop and doing contests nearlly every weekend, so I can't wait to have some down time before I leave for Orlando. I'll let you know how everything pans out down at nationals.

Friday, March 13, 2009

First Cover..

My first ever cover! Was stoked to be able to get the Cover of this Boarder issue! Dimi and myself put alot of time into this cover thats for sure. Alot of early mornings driving to Somerset Dam trying to get the right shot and angle. But all the time and effort paid off and came up pretty dam good in my opion.

Dimi came up with the whole mirror shot idea. He came to me and told me what he had thought about, I was all about it and was super pumped! I don't think I have seen anything like it and it seemed to have work just nicely! The shot is of me doing a crail glide, something kind of original but still cool. If you haven't checked the magazine already you should! Get yourself a copy for sure!  

New Blog!

Wow, so I was talking to Mitch Langfield the other day and he told me about this new little thing he had going on where he had some sort of blog... Told me about it so I checked it out and had to jump onto it. So here we are! I'll try and keep people up to date with what I am going to be up to with contests and everything so stay tuned gang!