Monday, May 10, 2010



So the summer here in AUS is finished and the start of the American summer has started. I am heading back over to the states this Saturday for 3-4 months living with a good friend of mine Johnny Tobaben, who will also be traveling and doing the tour with me! Stay tunnedd

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dimi Photoshoot.

Busy Busy BUSY!


I haven't updated this thing in a while so have a few things to keep everyone up to date with.
So the summer here in AUS has finished! Was good to come back from the States last year and have a good 3 months break from wakeboarding all together, I came back motivated and felt so much more comfortable on the water after having some time off.

The season kicked off with the first ever WWA Australian Pro am in NSW at Stoney Park. It was a huge event, all the top riders from Aus were there shredding all weekend. Conditions got pretty dam rough in the final, and I ended up taking 4th. Then we went to one of Australia's Premier events, the Moomba Masters. This was a crazy event, Melbourne went through some crazy floods and I for the first time in my life saw Hail the size of golf balls! That didnt stop the event and the 150,000 people coming to watch the event. I rode solid all weekend with the Final between myself Jeff Weatherall and Worlds best Cable rider Tom Fooshee. It came real close between myself and Jeff, but I came out ontop taking the win and the $4500.

I then was off to Renmark, South AUS for the National Championships. Couldn't ask for a better event, conditions were perfect all weekend. I was first off the dock in the final and had a solid run, Once again i ended up taking the win overall. Not only did I win the nationals but from winning that I am now selected once again to ride and travel on the World Cup.

For now thats a wrap I will check in soon with some more gosssip. PEACE