Monday, March 23, 2009


So I just got home from Renmark, South Australia! All week I was down there free riding and riding in the contest. Was a awesome week hanging out with everyone from all over Australia. Thanks to a good friend of mine Parker Siegle he had his brand new Malibu VLX loaded and the wake was kicking all week. 

First round of heats I rode awesome, but when it came to finals I didn't put it together like I planned. I had a couple of falls and ended up coming 4th. Everyone has there off days and I guess it was my turn to have mine. 

All good though, just finalizing all my US stuff getting ready to go back over in 3 weeks now!!!! I can't wait to get back over and do some solid riding with everyone over there! But for now its back to the river and learn some new stuff before I head off!

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